Welcome to SnakeTrap

Snaketrap is an information system security and digital forensics company providing the following services:-

  • System Penetration Testing
  • Network Intrustion Detection
  • Information Security Auditing
  • System Security Policy Writing
  • Information Risk Management

Snaketrap was created by me, Dr David Day, a university academic researching and teaching ethical hacking, network intrusion detection and information governance.  I am also a special officer working with the National Crime Agency (NCA)'s  National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) where I assist in preventing cyber crime.  My PhD and many subsequent publications concern detecting and preventing cyber crime.  I have extended security clearance.  My linkedin profile and publication list can be found here 


The services listed above are offered by me and when appropriate my associates e.g. other academics and some of my previous students.  Client references for all these services are available on request.


Media appearances:  


BBC One Show: Filmed at Sheffield Hallam University where the NCA lauched their cyber choices incentives to encourage young people to use their hacking skills for good not crime.   Link to film here


Below on Newsnight when I met the talented Mustafa Albasm.  "Hacker meets tracker"

Below appearing on BBC Panoroma "How hackers steel your id"

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